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Some of my self portraits from my college career.


Here’s a fast edit of a few photos I took of my Dad.

"All the Time I Was Making This I Was Thinking of You"

            When my grandmother passed away two years ago I made a series of photographs of her home- her clothes, her photographs, her knick knacks, her garden, and so on.  While I was making I began to feel an overwhelming sense of emptiness. The death of my grandmother also meant the death of an era of my life.  I knew that after we boarded up her home and shipped her belongings to various family members that I would never step foot into a home that had become a part of who I was.  This pushed me to explore other relationships or patterns in my life that are no more.  I am interested in how we embrace emptiness in a physical and mental space.  Everyday I notice more and more different ways in which we settle with emptiness, or being unfulfilled- whether it be with ourselves- our careers, our friendships, our love lives, or with the very literal space in which we live.  We settle for less, and overtime we become more and more accepting of it.

            Using elements of composition and playing with different type of negative space I have created a series of self-portraits to share my experiences with these aspects through stories from my life.  If you would like, I could have a full conversation about each photograph.  Creating such personal work and sharing it has been terrifying, but it allows me to strip myself from any inhibitions and push myself as an artist to create work that is stimulating and can also be related to.  The “You” in the title of the project is meant to be universal.  We all have people in our lives we reminisce about, dead or alive, sometimes we haven’t even met the person we find ourselves thinking of, yet in a world with almost 7 ½ billion people on it, it is remarkably easy to feel alone, and not particularly mind. 

            These photographs were a challenge to me to grow and learn from my experiences of loss, and turn them into something positive. 



1.     This is Where I Was When You Died

2.     Write Beautifully What You Don’t Want to Hear

3.     Everywhere You are Present, and I Still Can’t See You

4.     We’re Almost There

5.     I Used to Build Dreams About You

6.     Lacey

7.     Lets Build a House

8.     You’ll Find Me


“We become aware of the void as we fill it.”  - Antonio Porchi

Sneak peak at the new series I am currently working on, “The Entire Time I Was Making This I Was Thinking of You.”  When my great-grandmother passed away two years ago I made photograph after photograph of her home, knowing that it would never be the same.  These photographs lead me to explore the different meanings of emptiness in a physical and metaphorical state within our daily lives.  So, I have begun making a series of self portraits using heavy themes of negative space as a way to communicate my experiences with empty spaces.